In a press release released on the portal of the Azorean executive, of the PSD/CDS-PP/PPM coalition, it is mentioned that, on Saturday, “the weekly connection on Saturdays from Stansted, in London, to Ponta Delgada began, which will end on 29 October”, while, between June 03 and October 28, there will be another flight on Fridays from the city of Manchester.

“There will be a weekly connection to Terceira island, on Saturdays, departing from London’s Stansted airport, which will start on the 2nd of April, and will last until the 29th of October”, said the Government.

In the statement, the executive says that “the airline Ryanair has resumed the 2022 tourist promotion campaign in the UK market, articulated with the Regional Secretariat for Transport, Tourism and Energy, through the Regional Directorate for Tourism”.

“Given the positive evolution of demand in this market for the Azores destination, Ryanair announced the reinforcement of its operation from the United Kingdom to the region, having expanded its offer to Ponta Delgada and debuted a connection to the island of Terceira”.

The announced operations “allow the expansion of the offer for a wider period of the year, including winter periods, as seen in the Ponta Delgada operation, contributing to the process of distributing tourist flows throughout the year across the islands”.