This position was defended by the Ukrainian diplomat Inna Ohnivets in statements to journalists, after being received, in São Bento, by the Prime Minister, António Costa.

According to Inna Ohnivets, among other topics, “the possibility of the Portuguese Government introducing sanctions against Russia was discussed, not only within the scope of the European Union, but also of special sanctions”.

“For example, the situation of Mr Abramovich, who recently received Portuguese nationality, but who is a close ally of [Russian President] Vladimir Putin”, declared the ambassador.

Justifying the reason for this measure, the Ukrainian diplomat defended that this Russian millionaire, “in the future, can help Putin in the continuation of Russia's war against Ukraine, financing the acquisition of weapons”.

“We therefore requested the possibility for the Portuguese Government to consider imposing additional sanctions against Russian citizens who use the opportunity to obtain Portuguese nationality and are allies of Putin,” she said.