In an interview with Dinheiro Vivo/TSF, the manager advances that the group returned to profits in 2021 with the help of the real estate business, which makes up 30% of the group.

“The failure to start the new airport is a national shame. Lisbon was already almost barred in those pre-pandemic years and that will come back as soon as it reopens a little. And the new airport, according to experts, will never be built in less than five years if it is in Montijo and in less than ten in Alcochete”, says José Theotónio, asking for a “faster” decision, criticising the postponement and remembering that the Government now it has an absolute majority and does not have to negotiate State Budgets.

After the losses of 2020, the Pestana group returns to profits in 2021 with a “small but positive result”. "We are closing the accounts - there are 16 countries to consolidate, many exchanges, it should still take a couple of weeks - but what we hope is, even if far from the golden years, at least a result that is no longer negative", anticipates the manager, noting that 2020 “was the first [year] in 40 with a negative result”.