The motion, entitled “For the installation of ATM terminals in all parishes”, was approved “by a large majority” on the third and last day of the congress.

With seven abstentions and no votes against, the motion, which has as its first subscriber the president of the Santo Amaro Parish Council, in Sousel, in the district of Portalegre, demands the installation of ATMs in all parishes in the country.

The document urges Caixa Geral de Depósitos to assume “its role as a state bank” and to bear the initial costs of installing the ATMs, as well as the monthly costs.

“This measure is of extreme importance both for the quality of life of the populations, as well as for their imperative security”, reads the motion, which provides that the parishes that already have ATM terminals are determined and that the investments made with installation are supported by the state "retroactively".

In the proposal, mayor Nélio Painha highlights that, at the moment, several populations “travel dozens of kilometers without public transport and often without their own means to access a bank or even an ATM terminal”.