In a demonstration that brought together about 70 people near the prime minister's official residence, in Lisbon, André Ventura told journalists that, so far, the Government has only wanted to "distribute indirect incentives" to combat the increase in fuel prices - giving the example of increasing the monthly value of the Autovaucher - instead of “lowering taxes”

“Right now, I think there is no other way. From the economic point of view, from the point of view of the economic and fiscal policy of a modern country, I think there is no other option but this: lower taxes”, said André Ventura.

The Chega leader accused the prime minister of not “doing anything” with the European institutions to ask for a VAT reduction – despite António Costa having proposed, during the Versailles summit last week, this reduction to the European Commission – and called for a reduction in the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP) in Portugal.

“There is no one here who thinks this war will be short, we will continue – if nothing is done – to have an escalation of 14 cents this week, 20 cents next, 30… are we going to let it reach €10 per litre?”, he asked.