According to João Fernandes, the high season for golf, which takes place between March and May and between September and November, has been “strongly” affected in the last two years by the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is a “very significant” demand, despite some “uncertainty” about the future.

“Fortunately, we are in a phase of recovery of air connections which, at the same time as the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, mean that we have excellent results in terms of bookings for the coming months, namely, for the golf season”, said the official.

According to João Fernandes, during the pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions always took place during periods of greater demand for golf: “With the exception of the last quarter of last year, all other periods of the high golf season in 2020 and 2021 were strongly impacted”, he recalled.

Possible retraction

Asked by Lusa about a possible impact of the conflict in Ukraine on Algarve tourism, the president of Turismo do Algarve said that there is a “very positive” recovery in the golf sector, with no reflections of the war, for now.

“We are not feeling it yet, but I admit that in the future there may be a retraction in demand from the markets of neighbouring countries or countries close to the conflict zone, namely Sweden, Poland and Finland”, he said.

João Fernandes said that, for the time being, he was unaware of “the behaviour of the German market, whose consumers normally anticipate economic and social crises, which can translate into a drop in demand”.

João Fernandes noted that with Portugal at the western end of Europe “there may be deviations of flows to the region, as the Algarve is further away from the conflict zone”, although the uncertainty persists as to whether the conflict will last and what its effects will be on the region and the consumer economy.

“If the conflict continues, the impact that is already felt on energy and fuels will be felt at the level of all goods and could dictate the scarcity of some goods, as has already been mentioned”, he said.

Strong reputation

The president of Turismo do Algarve added that Portugal, and specifically the Algarve, “comes out of the pandemic with a reinforced reputation from the point of view of the security they offer, being a factor that continues to be decisive in the choice” of the destination.

“Portugal and the Algarve continued to earn international recognition in the various awards that are awarded by different segments of activity, which is a very strong factor to impact those who, after being constrained by Covid-19, now have the opportunity to travel” , he concluded.