The statements were made on the 11th anniversary of the conflict that continues to ravage the Middle Eastern country.

In a statement released by the US State Department, to which the Lusa agency had access, the nations recalled that, after 11 years of “death and suffering”, the “economic and humanitarian situation in Syria is grim”.

There were "millions of Syrian refugees generously welcomed by Syria's neighbours", but still "cannot return home", according to UN standards, without fear "of violence, arbitrary arrest and torture".

Triggered on March 15, 2011 by the repression of pro-democracy demonstrations that initially opposed the army and rebels, the war in Syria has become more complicated over the years, with foreign interventions.

"The coincidence of this year's anniversary with the terrible Russian aggression against Ukraine, which constitutes an exceptionally serious violation of international law and the UN Charter, highlights Russia's brutal and destructive behaviour in both conflicts," they noted.

Supporting the UN-facilitated and Syrian-led process outlined in UN Security Council Resolution 2254, States also called for “the immediate release of arbitrarily detainees and clarification of the fate and whereabouts of those who remain missing”.

"We do not support efforts to normalise relations with the Assad regime and we will not normalise relations, lift sanctions or fund reconstruction until there is irreversible progress towards a political solution," they warned.

However, the five countries encouraged all parties, in particular the Syrian regime, to participate in the UN Constitutional Committee meeting “in good faith”.

“Impunity remains unacceptable. Therefore, we will continue to actively promote accountability […]. This also includes supporting organizations, many of which are led by Syria, in gathering evidence and documenting atrocities and serious violations of international law committed in Syria, including the use of chemical weapons.”