To help bring this to life, VINCI Airports , the world’s first private airport operator, is partnering with blockchain-based non-profit, CODE GREEN led by Inna Modja - Malian artist, musician, and climate activist - and WORLD OF WOMEN led by Yam Karkai co-founder and artist of the highest-grossing women-centric NFT collection, featuring digital artworks of diverse and powerful women.

VINCI Airports presented its passengers with artworks from women digital artists Alexa Meade, Allison Harvard, Amber Vittoria, Dong Lu, Elise Swopes, Inna Modja, Izzako, Lana Denina, Livia Elektra, Laya Mathikshara, Marjan Moghaddam, Serwah Attafuah, Vaby Vel, Shavonne Wong, Zhuk and Yam Karkai. Some of the artworks were first presented at the World Economic Forum, raising more than $250,000 for women-led climate solutions for the Great Green Wall - an African-led initiative growing an 8,000km wall of trees across the width of the Continent from Senegal to Djibouti.

This initiative reminds how much the airport sector, and mobility in general, positively contribute to cultural openness, by enabling human contact and the discovery of others. The activation also highlighted the linkages between technology, environmental protection and gender equality - with women and girls by far the biggest victims of the accelerating climate emergency.

Convinced that the transport sector must improve its environmental impact, VINCI Airports is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and the one of aviation, notably by developing futurist solutions like green hydrogen. At the same, it shines a light on the unique role of women in that fight. VINCI Airports is accelerating plans by supporting the careers of women within its network. Women make up 37% of its workforce and increasingly hold leadership positions as airport CEOs in the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Brazil, the United States and France.

Nicolas Notebaert, CEO of VINCI Concessions and President of VINCI Airports, said: “We are proud to put our airports at the service of such a strong environmental message from women artists. This collaboration embodies VINCI Airports’ strongest commitments: make transportation more sustainable and more inclusive. Diversity and gender equity are in the DNA of aviation: mobility brings people closer and helps to build an open world”.

Code Green CEO, Inna Modja said: “It’s inspiring to see a mobility leader like VINCI Airports embrace the fight to decarbonise the transport sector and champion the role of diversity in its network. It made them a natural partner in showcasing these powerful artworks at airports across the globe on the occasion of International Women’s Day, highlighting the linkages between climate justice and gender equality to a truly global audience”.