Unfortunately, there is no inherent benefit to the government publicly sharing this information. Any admission of evidence to the public will be an admission of guilt.

Suppose we can glean any insight from the Edward Snowden case. In that case, it is the implication that the hidden American Government/Intelligence apparatus at least does not feel the need to admit it is wrong, even when caught red-handed stealing every citizens' information. Until this changes, we are left to get our own evidence to analyse.

Where are the best videos online to see these unbelievable "advanced" maneuvers UAP craft can attain?


The Belgian wave in 1997 included many police sightings from different villages of the same triangle craft. Phoenix lights had hundreds if not thousands of witnesses of gigantic triangle craft and weird light formations. Turkey UFO in 2007-09 had cigar-shaped craft and mysterious lights.

The best video I could find online appears to be out of Gulf Breeze, Florida, in the early 90s. After hearing about the "Bubba" UFO, several news stations made investigative trips to the small town after hearing about the "Bubba" UFO. Hundreds of skywatchers were videoing and recording strange lights, almost nightly, that appeared and disappeared without warning over the Florida waters.
Optical physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee analysed this photo of an aircraft in front of a supposed UFO.

Model found in Walter's old attic

The account is as follows from Maccabee's website (minor edits for length): "On January 13, 1994, Ed Walters called me to say that during the previous day he had photographed a UFO and a military jet at the same time. Naturally, I was astonished and asked for a complete description of what happened. Even though I took Ed seriously (I didn't immediately assume it was a hoax after many years of working on his sightings) I wanted to check everything. As President Reagan said to Gorbachev, "Trust...but verify!" Ed recalled the incident as follows.

“On January 12, at about 10:20 AM CST, he was working at his desk in his office in his (then) home on the north shore of the Pensacola Beach peninsula. There is a large window facing north northwestward through which he can see the southern shore of Gulf Breeze a bit over a mile away across the Santa Rosa Sound. As he happened to glance out the window he noticed a shiny object stationary in the sky west-northwest of him.

No ordinary aircraft

“After looking at it for several seconds he realised what it wasn't an ordinary aircraft. The centre appeared to be a somewhat spherical or oval shape, or like a short vertical cylinder with spherical caps at the top and bottom which had, at the left and right, a collection of much smaller, similarly shaped, shiny cylinders or ‘tanks’.

“It looked like a UFO he had seen once before in November, 1993. He had, on two occasions that November, seen and videotaped a UFO that he saw through the window (The Martin Allen Clips). On another occasion he videotaped one which he saw at Pensacola Beach. The videos were not very clear. This time he decided to get a good photograph. His Canon camera with a Soligor Autozoom 70-220 mm (f/3.5) lens was in his office and loaded with Konica XG100 film. He grabbed the camera and walked quickly onto his deck where he pointed it toward the UFO. He twisted the barrel of the lens to the infinity focus position and zoomed in on the UFO. Then he decided he should take a wide field of view photo first, so he slid the barrel back toward a shorter focal length. He always operates his camera on automatic exposure so he didn't have to make any shutter speed or f/stop settings. (The film exposure adjustment on the camera - the ISO or "ASA" setting - assures that the camera will automatically select a combination of shutter time and f/stop which will produce a good picture under the lighting conditions of a particular scene.)

“As he was viewing the UFO through the lens and preparing to take the first photo he heard the noise of a jet. He looked to the north and saw a jet that appeared to be approaching the UFO from his right (the northeast). He waited until the jet entered the field of view of the lens and then took the first photo. After the first picture he quickly "zoomed" to the maximum focal length setting on the lens while holding the focus at infinity[…]he inadvertently moved the camera as he zoomed. It took several seconds, perhaps four or five, for him to relocate the UFO within the narrower field of view of the lens and steady the camera.

“Just before he pushed the shutter button he noticed the jet was coming into the field of view and approaching the UFO. He took the second picture."

Gulf Breeze has the Best Video of a Tic Tac?

What do you think? Real or Hoax? The video is even more compelling.
Check it out on my YouTube Channel, "Chris Lehto."
Why do these sightings appear to come in waves? Have you seen anything you can't explain? Maybe over the ocean? Did anyone else see it? Let us know at The Portugal News!


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