The Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) announced that “it is now possible to prescribe all complementary means of diagnosis and therapy (MCDT), in a dematerialised form, in primary health care”, namely by SMS or email.

Paperless medical examinations now cover all areas, namely areas referring to gastroenterological endoscopy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pulmonology-immunoallergology and radiology.

The SPMS mention, by way of example, that requests for radiographs, CAT scans, exercise tests with assessment of cardiorespiratory parameters (on a treadmill or ergonomic bicycle), allergology tests or colonoscopies are now covered.

To make life easier for the user, the requests issued can be accessed in the SNS24 ‘app’ or in the Personal Area of ​​the SNS24 Portal ( and received via SMS and email.