In a statement, Bosch adds that the new professionals are destined for the Research and Development (R&D) centre in Braga.

In the same statement, the company says that it will promote, during the month of April in Braga, Porto and Guimarães, the “Road2Bosch”, to publicise some of the technologies for autonomous driving that are being developed at that R&D centre.

In the initiative, the company will take to the road vehicles equipped with two of the innovative solutions for the future of mobility: the V2X (Vehicle to X Communication) technologies, distinguished with the "Technology and Innovation Award for the Car of the Year 2022", and the sensors of LiDAR perception.

The “Road2Bosch” kicks off on Saturday, at the University of Minho campus, in Guimarães.

“Bosch's R&D teams in Braga have been developing perception and location sensors, communication systems between vehicles and road infrastructure, solutions for monitoring vehicle occupants, applications for mobility, among other innovative technologies that are shaping connected and autonomous mobility”, says the statement.