According to a report by ECO, specifically, the Portuguese central bank was responsible for the production of 289.1 million €5 banknotes (which amounts to €1,445.5 million) and 28 million €20 banknotes (€560 million).

Banco de Portugal is one of the Eurosystem banks that produces euro banknotes, and is one of the banknote suppliers of the central banks of Belgium and Austria under a cooperation agreement that was extended until 2026 and that guarantees the maximisation of the production of the Value and minimize the price charged to Banco de Portugal for the purchase of euro banknotes.

Banco de Portugal delivered 381.2 million low-denomination banknotes (5, 10 and 20 euros) and 15.2 million banknotes of 50 euros to the Eurosystem central banks.

Valora is 100% owned by Banco de Portugal and has been operating at the bank's premises in Complexo do Carregado since 1999.