According to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Defence, there are two centres for innovation in information technologies in the area of ​​defense, within the scope of the `DIANA´ project [“Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic], recently approved by the Atlantic Alliance .

Disruptive technologies

This project aims to "accelerate the development of emerging and disruptive technological solutions", with dual-use applications, civil and military, and will focus on technologies considered a priority by the Atlantic Alliance: artificial intelligence, data processing, biotechnology, weapons systems autonomous vehicles, new materials and space.

The government states that Portugal will receive a network innovation accelerator centre, to be installed at Arsenal do Alfeite, SA, in Almada, and a test centre at the Experimentation and Operational Centre of the Navy, in Tróia, which should start operations in 2023.

Innovation network

For the government, the installation of these structures in the national territory "represents a relevant opportunity for the national defense economy and its approach to the innovation network that is now born in the Alliance".

Among the member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Portugal was one of the countries with two candidacies approved to participate in the project, the statement reads.

The DIANA project also aims to bring together researchers and technology companies to "solve critical security and defense problems". Participants in the program will have access to various digital innovation centers in allied countries.