Of course with the right agent, and if you are thinking of selling, this magazine, Properties in Portugal, has the best possible agents available to choose from.

Once you have taken the plunge and have decided to sell your Property in Portugal, you will be looking to sell for the best price possible and in a time frame that suits you. To make sure this happens to your satisfaction, you have to find an agent that represents you and your property to the very highest possible standards.

There are many excellent agents to choose from that can sell your Property in Portugal and it is a good idea to take your time to find the right one that fits with you. Communication is key for you and finding an agent that speaks your language will make life much easier.

Whilst Properties in Portugal are generally selling quickly at the moment, the valuation and service the agent provides you before you list will give you a good indication as to whether you can work well with the agent and whether you will be happy with the agent.

Advertising your Property in Portugal in the correct places for you is clearly key to ensure you get the best possible price and reach the maximum number of best possible buyers. A quick look at where they advertise can help you make a decision. Discuss the ways your agent finds buyers. For example, ask them what their online marketing presence is like and how many people visit them online. Do ask what is the reach of their online marketing and what countries they target. What property portals do they list with and are these relevant and dedicated to the Portuguese property market. Which magazines and newspapers do they advertise in and what are the circulations of these publications. How do they use social media to boost the profile of your property and are the social media platforms relevant to Portugal. Do ask the agent for examples as a good agent will be happy to share this information with you.

Finally, before you take your decision to list with an agent you need to consider whether you go exclusively with one agent or go with multiple agents. Generally, but not always, when you go exclusively with one agent, you can list your Property in Portugal at a lower commission rate on selling.

With the property market in Portugal being more buoyant than ever, now really is THE time to sell your Property in Portugal with success, so find your ideal agent or agents today and enjoy a smooth sales process.