According to a report by Publituris, the director of Tourism of Germany for Portugal and Spain, Ulrike Bohnet, estimates that, this year, the country will recover about 60% of the 517,000 overnight stays of Portuguese tourists that had been recorded in 2019, although she is concerned about the economic impact of the war in Ukraine, which could interfere with the travels of the Portuguese and Europeans.

“In 2021, we had 223,000 overnight stays from Portuguese tourists, we are reaching close to half the number of overnight stays we had in 2019” revealed the official.

According to Ulrike Bohnet, in 2020, Portuguese were responsible for about 207,000 overnight stays in Germany, after a 59.9% drop caused by the emergence of Covid-19, but last year, that figure rose 7.9% , totalling 223,000 overnight stays.

This year, and despite the fact that, for the time being, only the January figures are available, there was a 52% increase in the number of overnight stays by Portuguese tourists, to around 20,000, which leads the official to believe that it will be possible to reach 60% of the 2019 overnight stay level.

“In 2022, we don't expect to reach the numbers of 2019, it's really impossible. If we reach 60% of 2019, we think it will be positive”, admitted Ulrike Bohnet, considering that the “real recovery” of the Portuguese market will only happen in 2024.