The State Budget for 2022 (OE2022) has updated the Tax on Alcohol, Alcoholic Beverages and Sugar-Added Beverages (IABA) by 1%, with total revenue expected to amount to €286.8 million.

An identical rise of 1% will also target the Tobacco Tax (IT) rate, according to the report accompanying the OE2022 proposal.

“Regarding Special Consumption Taxes, the tax rates will be updated by 1% for IT and IABA”, says the document, noting that, “taking into account the expected evolution for private consumption and the internal demand”, an increase in revenue is expected in 2022, compared to 2021, of 20 million euros in IT (+1%) and 29 million euros in IABA (+11%).

In total, the IABA should yield 286.8 million euros, a value that for the first time exceeds the value recorded in 2019, which was 279.4 million euros in that year.

Also IT, with an estimated revenue of 1,433.6 million euros, will exceed in 2022 the amount collected in 2019 (1,427.4 million euros).