In an update to the balance made on Saturday, the GNR stated that of the fatalities, one was a 57 year old man and the other a 29 year old man. The deaths took place in Braga, Vila Real and Monforte.

On Saturday, after a passenger car crashed, in addition to the 29-year-old victim, a two-year-old child was also injured.

In the statement, which contains provisional data on Operation Easter 2022, the GNR says that another 2,971 drivers were inspected between Friday and Saturday, out of a total of 12,759.

Of these, 219 were driving with excess alcohol and 132 were arrested for driving with a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 1.2 grams per liter (g/l).

The GNR adds that “86 people were also detained for driving without a legal license”.

225 drivers were fined for failure to carry out mandatory periodic inspections and 153 for failure to use or incorrectly using seat belts and/or child restraint systems.