Despite this, the levels reached in February were “lower than those observed in February 2020”,but the average income per occupied room was 68.3 euros, 5% higher than in February 2020.

In the second month of the year, national tourist accommodation received 1.2 million guests, for a total of 2.9 million overnight stays. These numbers represent year-on-year increases of 507% and 527%, respectively. But, despite showing a continuous recovery compared to last year, they are still below the levels of 2020. Comparing with February of that year, the number of guests fell by 21.2% and the number of overnight stays dropped by 23.1%.

International visitors

In a closer analysis, the domestic market contributed with 1.2 million overnight stays, while overnight stays from international guests totalled 1.8 million. In the international market, the Spaniards dominated in the number of guests, followed by the British and the French.

Most popular destinations

Regarding the most sought after locations, the Lisbon Metropolitan Area concentrated 29.2% of overnight stays in February, followed by the Algarve (20.3%), North (18.1%) and Madeira (13.5%). Comparing with February 2020, all regions showed a decrease in the number of overnight stays, with emphasis on the evolution in the Algarve (-29.3%), Azores and Madeira (-26.5% in both), says INE.

In February, the income recorded in tourist accommodation establishments reached 153.7 million euros in total and 111 million euros in relation to accommodation. Comparing with February 2020, total income decreased by 20.9% and revenue from accommodation decreased by 19.5%.