The 21-year-old defendant is accused of aggravated murder and offenses against qualified physical integrity, a crime for which a second is also accused, also of French nationality.

PGRP says that, in the early hours of October 10, 2021, next to a nightlife establishment, in the Passos Manuel area, in downtown Porto, “while they were waiting to enter the place, an exchange of words took place between a group of Portuguese citizens, where the three victims were, and three women of French nationality”.

According to the indictment, “the three women moved away from the scene momentarily, going to meet the two defendants, also French, who, knowing about the disagreement, came towards the group [where the student Paulo Correia was], with the sole purpose of attacking them”.

“One of the defendants, upon reaching one of the victims, punched him in the face and head and then went after the victim, having punched him, with great violence, in ​​the head, which made the victim turn his head, roll his eyes, keep his tongue out of his mouth, stagger to a car parked there and crash into it, falling to the ground, prostrating there”, describes the MP.

The other defendant, adds the PGRP, “went towards the third victim and punched him, causing him to fall to the ground, after which he kicked him in the chest”.

The victim was transported to Hospital Santo António, in Porto, but died a few hours later, “due to the injuries suffered”.

The perpetrator of the murder is in preventive detention.

Paulo Correia was a basketball player for Guifões Sport Clube.