The Lisbon Chamber (CML) has unanimously approved the measure that will allow for free public transport in Lisbon for young people and people over 65 years old. Carlos Moedas says it was a “historic” decision, also stressing the fact that it brought all the parties together. “When people ask what the executive's legacy will be, for me this is undoubtedly the most important measure”, reiterates the president of CML.

“It is a historic day for our city, as we have achieved something unprecedented for the people of Lisbon”, points out Moedas, in statements broadcast by RTP3. The mayor highlights the environmental nature of the measure, also stressing that “there are very few cities in Europe that have already had the courage to do so”.

The measure covers young people up to 18 years old and persons over 65 years old, also covering university students up to 23 years old (or 24, in the case of medicine and architecture courses). There is also a common requirement for all: it is necessary to have tax residency in the municipality.

The president of the CML points out that “the trend will have to be free transport for all, but this is not possible in a first step”. Even so, he admits that the “measure may be extended in the future, to other people and other cases, to move in this direction”.