According to a report by Público newspaper, the STJ standardised the jurisprudence on the possibility of coexisting, in the same building, permanent housing and temporary housing for tourist purposes, ending, according to the newspaper, “the differences in legal understanding”.

Speaking to Lusa agency, IL deputy Carlos Guimarães Pinto detailed the bill delivered by the party to the Assembly of the Republic whose objective is to clarify the legal regime for the operation of local accommodation establishments.

“This proposed amendment, in practice, is so that nothing is changed, so that all people who currently have their business - and who may see it being threatened by what this decision of the STJ - can continue to have it,” he explained.

The liberals' objective is that there is no change, that is, “that people can continue to have their businesses, that tourism can continue to prosper, that small businesses and families that depend on this business for their lives can continue as it was until now”, explained Carlos Guimarães Pinto.

“The STJ decided that effectively what was being done until now was not covered by law and we want it to be covered by law”, he said.

According to the IL deputy, the party wants those who invest not to see “their business simply destroyed” when they had expectations “that the law should be interpreted in a certain way and will now be interpreted in another”.

“All we want is for things to remain as they have been until now, this time within the framework of the law, which according to the judges did not exist”, he added.