“The decision taken is the right one because the conditions were not met for transferring services, functions and employees. None of these factors were guaranteed, namely the negotiation regarding workers”, the president of the Union for the Career of Investigation and Inspection of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SCIF/SEF) told Lusa.

Acácio Pereira said that the postponement of the extinction of SEF demonstrates “that it is a complex process”.

The Council of Ministers has approved a proposal for a law to postpone the process of extinguishing SEF, the Government justifying this decision with the need to mature the planned changes, namely in terms of training those who will be in charge of airport control.

The Minister of Internal Administration did not commit to a date for the completion of this process, stressing that “more important than the calendar is to ensure that the transition is serene, safe, peaceful” and with the “involvement of all actors”.

The president of the SEF inspectors union considered, as he has argued since the beginning of the process, that the extinction of this security service is “a wrong decision from a political point of view”.