In a statement, the PJ informs that "two arrests were made and several dozen home and non-home searches were carried out in various regions of the national territory, targeting managers, athletes and facilities of one of the teams in competition".

The PJ has not indicated indicated which team was targeted in these searches, although everything indicates that it could be W52-FC Porto, which did not leave for the third stage of the Grand Prix O Jogo.

During the operation, called 'Clean Proof' which was "aimed at detecting prohibited methods and illicit substances liable to tamper with the sporting truth in professional cycling events", "various substances and clinical instruments were seized, used in the training of athletes".

"The police operation, involving a total of about 120 elements from the Northern Board of Directors and the Central and Southern Boards of Directors, the National Anti-Corruption Unit and the Criminal Investigation Departments of Braga, Vila Real and Guarda , also had the collaboration of the Anti-Doping Authority of Portugal", it reads.