After a first phase of raising awareness of the “Safe Forest 2022” campaign, the National Republican Guard (GNR) recalled, on social media, that “owners have until April 30 to clean their land”, within the scope of fire prevention.

Afterwards, the GNR will begin inspections in the parishes identified as priority, with the preparation of records for administrative infractions in cases of non-compliance.

Priority parishes

This year, the Government identified 1,001 priority parishes, one less than in 2021. According to an order published in March, inspections in these areas are carried out between 1 and 31 May, focusing on land bordering buildings in rural areas (50 metres) and population centres, as well as campsites, industrial parks, logistics platforms and sanitary landfills in forest areas (within a range of 100 metres).

For road networks, railways and electricity transmission and distribution lines, inspection will be carried out between June 1 and 30.

Owners, tenants or entities that, in any capacity, hold land adjacent to buildings located in rural areas are obliged to carry out this cleaning, according to the GNR.


According to Decree-Law No. 82/2021, which defines the Integrated Management System for Rural Homes in mainland Portugal, fines for non-compliance with offenses classified as “light” range from 150 to 1,500 euros, in the case of individuals.

In the case of offenses classified as “serious”, the fine has a value between 500 and 5,000 euros.

In view of the owners' failure to comply with the deadline for cleaning the land, the municipal councils must subsequently guarantee that all fuel management works are carried out, "by means of communication and, in the absence of a response within five days, by a notice to be posted on the site".