“Portugal has been recognized, since always or for a long time, since the Second World War, at least, for making a very big effort to welcome refugees and it has been that way over time, but it doesn’t mean that everything is perfect” , Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa told journalists.

Focusing on the situation of reception of Ukrainian refugees by Russian citizens in Portugal that took place in Setúbal, the Head of State understood that one should not “confuse a tree, some trees if necessary, with the forest”.

Adding that there are no human perfections, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reinforced that an effort is made by all Portuguese people to welcome refugees and the international community recognizes this.

“The purpose of Portuguese society as a whole, of families, of the Portuguese, of solidarity institutions and public authorities is to welcome and welcome well, with fairness, transparency and without jeopardizing the principles that affect human rights”, he pointed out.

However, he stressed, there may be an "objection and a problem here and there."

And when in doubt, investigate those same doubts, he concluded.