According to data on the national ecological footprint calculated by the international organisation Global Footprint Network, if every person on Earth lived like the Portuguese, 2.5 planets would be needed to satisfy the resource needs.

The environmentalist association Zero, a partner of the Global Footprint Network, says in a statement released that “Portugal activates their environmental credit card earlier and earlier”.

“Portugal has been deficient for many years in its capacity to supply the natural resources necessary for the activities carried out (production and consumption). The most worrying thing is that the Portuguese 'environmental debt' has been increasing", says the Portuguese association.

According to the Global Footprint Network, which calculates the ecological footprint of almost every country in the world, there are countries which are even worse than Portugal, which began to spend future resources as early as February, but there are others that practically do not touch them until the end of the year.

The ecological footprint assesses human needs for renewable resources and essential services and compares them with the Earth's ability to provide these resources and services.

If all the inhabitants of the planet had an ecological footprint like the inhabitants of Qatar, the resources for this year would be exhausted since February 10th (February 14th for Luxembourg), but on the other hand, if we were all Jamaicans, resources would only run out on December 20th.

On the country map, Portugal appears to run out of resources on May 7, just one day after Japan, and before countries like Spain, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.