The Matosinhos Court has sentenced a man who walked with his dog without “any safety mechanism such as a collar, leash or muzzle” for serious offenses after the Rottweiler bit three people in Matosinhos in 2017.

The defendant, and the owner of the dog, will also have to pay compensation to the victims of 119,364.03 euros.

On April 25, 2017, around 10:00 am, the dog in question attacked a four-year-old child, who suffered injuries to the scalp, shoulder and hands, the child's mother and a third person who tried to help the child, on Rua Padre Manuel Bernarde, in Leça do Balio, were also injured.

The text reports that “the animal tried to bite a child, so the defendant was urged by the child's parent to stop, which he refused to do, continuing his journey”.

However, "immediately, thinking he might be photographed, the defendant decided to go back and approached the child's father with the purpose of taking away his mobile phone".

In view of the defendant's attitude, "the animal ran towards the child, who was next to the father, attacked him and bit him, as well as biting two more people who intervened to stop the attack, without the accused having assumed any behaviour relevant to separating the dog from the child”.