Living in Portugal for over twenty years, Arthur and Geoffroy founded Stone Capital in 2010 and were an active player in a pioneering group of developers that saw the potential of refurbishing buildings in the historical centre of Lisbon before the spotlight it has received in the more recent decade. A priority on excellence and quality has served Stone Capital well. Focused on choosing the right asset from the start and cherry-picking each opportunity. Stone works with top architects and dedicates time and resources in optimizing the building process. Detailed attention is given to the exterior spaces, the layout, the interior design and the materials used so as to be perfectly aligned both esthetically and functionally.

Both Arthur and Geoffroy feel that the same level of dedication and focus by developers on sustainability is required to elevate the Portuguese residential market to align with the demands of future local and international buyers. The Stone founders manifest the importance that the issue of sustainability is taken more seriously by the industry as a whole and not only by developers. Only together with construction companies and investors can a real green impact on the Real Estate market be made.

Two of Stone Capital’s more recent projects stand out and are clearly moving in this direction. A project in Comporta (Comporta Retreat) encompassing 29 large plots with houses will be made of CLT (cross-laminated timber) - a sustainable material with a negative carbon footprint. Jardim da Glória, Stone’s project in the Graça neighborhood in Lisbon, is set in an island of green surrounded by the bustling city. It is characterized by a mix of the refurbishment of existing buildings and two new modern constructions with wooden facades and biophilic design and concept. The ethos of the project entails a landscaping project with a modern take on the urban habitat, backed with a wealth of research on the influence of the environment on the welfare of its resident, offering a vegetable garden, spa, children’s play corner and large open spaces where fauna and flora mix alike

Lisbon, or indeed Portugal, lends itself to a greener and more sustainable way of living. Being able to enjoy the simple things in life so effortlessly while in a cultured, safe and sophisticated environment is a unique offering. It will be exciting to see how the city adapts to these new residents who place greater emphasis on living a more sustainable life. It is likely that developers like Stone will remain at the forefront of this change.

Michael Maxwell

Head of Business Development at EQTY CAPITAL

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