The certification of the biggest wave surfed at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, on October 29, 2020, was delivered today by a Guinness Book of Records judge, at the fort of S. Miguel, to the German surfer, who was "very proud" to have surfed a wave "created by a storm" that proves that "anything you really want to do in life is possible".

"I wasn't born in a country with waves," said the German, who has lived in Nazaré since 2012, adding that he also didn't have "the opportunity, as a child, to travel to countries and surf", maintaining that he had to use his "motivation" to move to "the other side of the planet" and dedicate himself to surfing, a sport he never gave up on.

The award of the biggest wave in the world in Nazaré, for the fifth time, "is not boring, but it is starting to be normal", said the mayor, Walter Chicharro, considering that the waves of Praia do Norte have, in the last decade, "provided a great service to the country".

Only second to Ronaldo

After Garrett McNamara made the giant waves of Praia do Norte famous with the first record set in 2011, the mayor guarantees that whenever he participates in events abroad, "Nazaré is the second largest Portuguese brand, only surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo".

As far as big waves are concerned, Nazaré is the best, said the mayor, who estimates that "many other records will be broken here in the coming years".

Nazaré surfing