The company says the data represents an overall increased interest in the Portuguese genre worldwide. In Europe, the playlist has proven popular in France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland most of all. Further afield, the playlist is popular in Angola and Mozambique, to name a few.

Between 2017 and 2020, Wet Bed Gang held the top spot for the most listened to artist in the genre but were usurped in 2021 by Julinho KSD. The most popular song in 2022 has been “Fato treino de City” by Sippinpurpp, followed by "Lua" and "Moça" by Ivandro.

Melanie Parejo, Head of Music for Southern Europe, recognizes the growth of the genre in recent years, as well as its new influences.

“We are witnessing a change in this generation of rappers in Portugal and an evolution of the genre itself. Already it's not just rap or hip-hop, it's also trap, drill, and many other sounds. We also see influences from the UK and Brazil in and from Portuguese-speaking African countries with artists such as Julinho KSD, who raps in Creole”.

Listen to the playlist here.