If you are looking for a reliable browser to play your games at Game Karma, this article could be interesting to understand how to choose and according to which principles it is more convenient to move.

Google Chrome

Among the most used, of course, we find Google Chrome, which turns out to be the most popular during 2021, with a market share between 56.6 and 58%. But a fundamental distinction must be made between the most popular and used browser and the one that is the best in the specific field of the game. You can experience the good performance of this browser by playing the latest online games on any device.


For the specific features of the game, the functionality of Firefox is optimal since it is a lighter browser and, therefore, able to conserve space such as RAM, which can be useful when playing with a category MMO games or Flash. It has minimal impact on the software on the user device. It is important to use a lightweight browser that is suitable for gaming but, at the same time reliable and secure, especially if it is a context where you need to register, open an online account, and manage it directly from the browser.


The use of a browser like Safari, of course, concerns all Mac users. We assume that all owners of Apple devices must use this browser, which has distinguished itself for reliability, precision, and suitability for navigation over the years, including that relating to the online gaming sector. A browser like Safari must be considered among the best for the game since it has a wide choice of games also present on Facebook, which can be practiced from your device.

It is a simple-to-use browser, which allows users to customize and hide intrusive and deleterious functions for the game, such as pop-up advertisements, videos, and so on. For this reason, Safari, just like Firefox, is considered among the best browsers for online gaming.

Microsoft Edge

Something also remains to be said about alternative operating systems, such as Microsoft Edge, which, of course, do not enjoy the same credibility and respectability as Firefox for games. In recent times, Microsoft has focused a lot on the discourse games for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and consoles. The reason why Microsoft Edge should be taken into account as an alternative to browsers like Opera is given by the fact that it is a very efficient system as far as the category of MMOs, browser games, and online games more generally is concerned.

The specifications on the basis of which you have to choose your browser for games are linked to the variables of the game itself. Given that the video game industry is very varied and complex, the same logic also applies to the choice of the best and most performing browser.