This will be confirmed by everyone who works at a construction site, makes furniture, or even just does housework related to wood. DeWalt 18v planer allows you to process wood efficiently, safely, and with the least amount of time.

What Are the Benefits of DeWalt Cordless Planer

At one time, an electric planer significantly accelerated all work with wood. DeWalt has taken it a step further and offers cordless planers that make the user much more mobile and independent of power sources.

  • The use of Li-ion batteries allows you to maximize the operating time of the planer without recharging. This makes the DeWalt battery planer ideal for working in remote locations.
  • An important advantage is the lightweight of the tool. This allows you to use it for a long time without experiencing fatigue.
  • Use of several blades for better woodworking and fast and convenient blade changes in the process of work. Thanks to the presence of two blades, the surface will be perfectly smooth and ready for finer work.
  • The possibility to use the DeWalt planer in tandem with dust extraction systems will make your work not only clean but also fast. Combining two types of work, you significantly shorten the time for their execution.

Buy DeWalt Planer as a Kit

To be completely autonomous in your work, buy a DeWalt 18v planer completed with two rechargeable batteries and a charger. With this choice, you will be offered a bag as a gift for convenient and safe transportation of the kit.

Technology is constantly improving, as well as the tools that craftsmen have used for many centuries. The brushless motor makes modern planers much more ergonomic and productive than their old counterparts. DeWalt continues to improve its products to improve performance and ease of use.