In March this year we were able to hold an A.G.M. and dinner (at Recanto dos Muros in Silves). With just 35 members present we elected (Press-ganged might be more accurate) a new committee to run the club. We are extremely grateful to the previous committee who devoted so much time and effort to keeping the club going through the pandemic; though some might have preferred to escape earlier. The club has run for just coming up to 50 years and we all felt it would be a great shame to let a pesky virus beat us. With only one committee member left from prior to Covid there are a lot of changes happening to the way the committee functions – we can only hope that the members will approve!

The first lunch we ran after the new committee took over was actually arranged by the old committee so we can not take any credit for it. However, a select number (just 17) of our members enjoyed a superb lunch at Restinga Ria on the front at Alvor on the 8th of April. Our thanks to Zelia and her staff for the great food and service. This lunch was followed, on 20th May, by another lunch at the ASIA TOKYO 'all you can eat' restaurant at Praia da Rocha. Once again only a few members attended but we enjoyed an excellent meal served by the attentive staff.

Our next scheduled event is a B.B.Q. dinner on the terrace of the Holiday Inn on 19th June.

Details of our club and all planned events are on our web-site