The 2021 Immigration, Borders and Asylum (RIFA) report, indicates that SEF reported 54 victims of human trafficking, five less than in 2020, the most relevant nationalities are Moldavian (11), Romanian (8) and Moroccan (7).

According to the report, “it can be seen in 2021 that, regarding the type of exploitation, it is labour that continues to have the highest incidence in Portugal”.

Last year, the Foreigners and Borders Service also recorded 31 crimes of trafficking in human beings, out of a total of 627 crimes associated with migratory phenomena, with the forgery of documents (375) and aid to illegal immigration (101) being the most expressive.

The document also reports that the SEF recorded an increase in the detection of document fraud of 21.9% compared to 2020, totalling 401 fraudulent identity, travel and residence documents.