“Due to the filming of a movie by Universal Pictures [“Fast and Furious”], on June 28, between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, the A24 Motorway will be closed between Lamego (entrance nº9) and Armamar/Valdigem ( entry nº10)”, informed the Lamego City Council.

In a press release, published on the website and social networks of the municipality, the municipal executive makes an “apology for the inconvenience” and publishes a note from the film producer.

An identical attitude is shared by the Câmara de Castro Daire, also in the district of Viseu, which writes that, due to the fact that “the county will be the stage for the recordings of one of the greatest cinematographic sagas in the world over the next few weeks” the A24 will be closed.

Ask for understanding

“The location of the footage will create some constraints on mobility in our county during the recordings. We ask for everyone's understanding, as it is a unique opportunity to place Castro Daire in the world cinema scene, with the enormous positive expectation of the inherent impacts”, he defends.

Thus, the A24 between the access point to Carvalhal and the north exit of Castro Daire will be closed to traffic between 06:00 and 22:00 on the 29th of June, and drivers can use, as an alternative, the National Road 2 (EN2) that crosses the centre of the village.