If you like the urban environment but also want the benefits of the beach then a new project in Madrid is for you.

Tourism feeds the Spanish capital during the winter and spring, but in the summer months the heat makes it almost impossible to enjoy the city, due to a lack of beaches. But now it appears that this gap is in the process of being corrected. In the municipality of Alovera, province of Guadalajara, the largest artificial beach in Europe is being built, and it is only 50km from Madrid (about 30-40 minutes by car).

According to El Español, if the public tender for the complex is approved, and follows the established deadlines, part of the project will be operational in 2023.

The project has been interrupted on several occasions, partly due to the high numbers it involves: there are 105,000 m2, of which 25,000 will constitute the water zone and will be surrounded by another 15,000 of sand. In addition, the complex will have several beach bars and areas for water sports and sailing, slides, zip lines, beach volleyball courts, etc.

The initial budget for the work is €15.6 million.