CEO of Splendour Luxury Group, Nelleke Bos, explained that they “help clients from the moment that they are thinking of investing or moving to Portugal until the moment that they have actually made that move and are living here.”

Their travel planning service is ideal for those first trips that people make before relocating to Portugal. Nelleke shared that “Sometimes people have heard about Portugal but they are not aware of all the places and they would like to come first and see the country and they would like to be advised of all the good places and advised on nice hotels and nice experiences so we have a network of hotels and restaurants that we can help make complete travel planning for our clients.”

Additionally, this service is perfect for golden visa holders, “who may require something non-mainstream so we organise the whole week from the moment they arrive, with a private driver or if they would like to stay at a hotel to even on a private yacht in the Douro for example and they can see places that they would not normally see with us and we can even incorporate this with viewings.”

Adding that, “There are lots of wine tasting possibilities in Portugal but normally a lot of them are in groups, we are unique in that we see to it that the venue is privately rented or that they have an out of hours private tour because there are people who really appreciate the privacy.”

When it comes to events, Splendour Luxury can personalise everything to the wishes of their clients, with endless possibilities when it comes to tailor made events. Nelleke added that “We organise business events for company trips as we feel that we offer a unique way to experience Portugal. In addition to this, we work with great event planners that can do anything when it comes to your special event whether that be to celebrate a family reunion or plan a wedding as we have key contacts.”

Splendour Luxury also prides itself on their art events, which was inspired by Nelleke, who told me that is something she loves herself. “We want to give a platform to Portuguese artists as we believe that there are so many amazing artists in Portugal but they are not always having the right platform to showcase their art.”

“We hope to also have an online exhibition following the art events so if you are unable to attend the event you can still see the art work from the event. Also combining that with the interior design, many people would like something special in their house, a piece that is unique and we have lots of artists that work with commission which we organise. We are always happy for artists to contact us regarding this as we love to bring amazing artworks to our clients.”

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