"We want to guarantee the simplification of this process (...) quickly, but also with the guarantee that people have decent working conditions and that we value work in Portugal", Ana Mendes Godinho told journalists.

According to the minister, the Government has informed the social partners that it is implementing a movement of workers from Portuguese-speaking countries to face the lack of labour in some sectors in Portugal.

In this sense, the Portuguese Government will hold a job fair in Cape Verde for the first time to promote the recruitment of workers.

"There are many CPLP countries interested in joining this movement to facilitate the movement of workers", said Ana Mendes Godinho, stressing the concern to ensure wages and working conditions equal to those of Portuguese workers.

For the president of the Confederação do Turismo de Portugal, Francisco Calheiros, the diploma on the entry, stay and departure of foreign workers is essential to help solve the problem of lack of manpower in the tourism sector in particular.

"We have to be more agile, faster and less bureaucratic (...) because we don't have the manpower to keep the tourism sector running" said Francisco Calheiros.