CEO Nelleke Bos, shared that under their Design studio service, they can offer restoration, restyling and redevelopment of both private and commercial properties. “It can be overwhelming to find construction companies, to have digital renders done and our team can take care of the whole project planning from start to finish to reach your desired result.”

Nelleke affirmed that “Portugal is in demand, so it is more difficult to find high-quality teams who can do this work so for our clientele we provide that part as well so that when they buy their property, they also know they have a good construction company that is available to do the works and advise them on the whole process.” Additionally, “If you are abroad, it is nice to get a report of how things are evolving and even if you live in Portugal, it is important to have that timeline prior to the start of a project.”

Nelleke explained that “We recognise that there are many attractive properties in good locations in Portugal that still need redevelopment and restyling, so because of that we have partnered up with several professional companies that have a track record.”

“For commercial investors, we have a bit of a different route, we have a team that can work with the future owner and do the whole commercial project development. We have specific contacts for not only the project development side but also for the interior design, where we have an experienced team that has all the access to hotel furniture for example.”

Nelleke then went on to explain that “In any older and existing houses there is in Portugal a huge problem with rising damp and it can be difficult to identify when you buy such a property where it originates and more so how you are going to resolve this problem.” “Dampness makes houses incredibly cold in winter time so to help our clients, we offer the complete solution by partnering up with German company, Drymat.”

“Drymat have the solution when you buy a house with a damp problem, but also it can work for people already living in a house with these problems especially if you are hoping to sell your property as tackling the problem of rising damp is important. This solution is offered as a free service where “No construction works are needed, which can help save 25 % to 65 % of your future heating bills.”

Additionally, the Splendour Luxury group offers a comprehensive interior design service with tailormade solutions, even offering customised furniture. “We work directly with factories in Portugal and are in contact with large furniture companies where we offer our clients every range to suit your price range, from Italian design, to mid-level to even lower range furniture so we can ensure that you have your house completely ready from A to Z whether that be for yourself or for investment purposes such as rentals.”

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