At 7am, almost 1,400 operatives were fighting these four fires, in Ourém (Santarém district), Benespera (Guarda), Carrazeda Ansiães (Bragança) and Sever do Vouga (Aveiro).

The work to fight the forest fire that broke out on Thursday afternoon in the municipality of Ourém (Santarém) is proceeding "a little more favourably", David Lobato, from the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) in Santarém, told Lusa.

The fire that broke out at 2:11 pm on Thursday in the parish of Benespera (Guarda), in a wooded area, was also still active, with 333 operatives and 103 vehicles deployed to fight the flames, said the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) on location.

The fires in Carrazeda de Ansiães and Sever do Vouga were also still not under control, according to updates from the district commands for relief operations in Bragança and Aveiro, respectively.

The forest fire that broke out at 3:54 pm on Thursday in Marzagão, in the municipality of Carrazeda de Ansiães, where three air assets were involved, was being fought by 171 operatives supported by 57 vehicles.

According to the Aveiro CDOS, at 5:50 am, there were 378 operational and 116 vehicles fighting the forest fire that started at 12:18 pm on Thursday in Sever do Vouga and passed to the neighbouring municipality of Águeda.