The fire that broke out on Tuesday night in Gambelas, in the municipality of Faro, and which later spread to Loulé, entered the resolution phase at 09:19, a source from Civil Protection.

According to the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, at 1pm, 299 operatives remained on site, aided by 107 land assets and one air asset.

In the latest situation report made by the district operational commander of the Civil Protection of Faro, Richard Marques, he assured that the fire was “under control” and that the “total perimeter [of 27 kilometres in length] is fully stabilised”.

“The whole ground operation is aimed at the quick reaction to any reactivation that we know we are going to have, after having had several overnight”, highlighted Richard Marques.

Civil protection will keep two helicopters, one light and one heavy, in the area, to quickly support the need to put out any re-ignition throughout the day.

However, this morning, firefighters were still putting out a fire that, in the meantime, had developed in a dump near the Estrada Nacional 125 between Faro and Loulé.

During Wednesday, in the most critical phase of the firefighting, around 150 people were evacuated.

Only 12 people received assistance and support from the municipal services of Loulé, having been “temporarily sheltered” in an area in Salir.

According to Richard Marques, these are people who live in housing “in poor conditions” that, in some cases, were left without electricity.

“We have news that some houses may have been affected”, said the regional commander of Civil Protection, adding that the GNR and the services of the Loulé Chamber are carrying out this survey, and there is no situation of a need for “rehousing”.