According to the DGS weekly report, all regions of mainland Portugal and Madeira reported cases of human infection with the VMPX virus, but the vast majority of the total cases (84.3%) were confirmed in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo.

The North is the second region of the country with the most cases of Monkeypox (36), followed by the Centre (six), the Alentejo (four), the Algarve (three) and Madeira (two), according to the weekly information provided by the health authority.

The presence of the VMPX virus was detected in Portugal on May 3, with laboratory confirmation of five cases of infection, and, since then and until last Wednesday, 515 cases were identified.

According to the DGS, in the universe of 343 cases reported in the Epidemiological Surveillance System, the age of infected people varies between 19 and 61 years, with a predominance of cases in the age group between 30 and 39 years.

The vast majority of reported infections (99.7%) are in men, with one reported case of a woman, in the “context of possible contact with a confirmed case”, said the DGS.