“From May 3 to October 19, 2022, 944 laboratory-confirmed cases were identified, 4 more compared to last week”, highlighted the DGS in a note published on its website.

Of the 873 cases already reported in SINAVEmed (National Epidemiological Surveillance System), “most belong to the age group between 30 and 39 years” and are male (99%). There are also records of eight cases (1%) in females.

Until last Sunday, 554 contacts were vaccinated "in the post-exposure context" and 261 in the "preventive context". The DGS added that the "regions of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, Centre, North and Algarve are vaccinating in places identified by each ARS and the remaining regions are organising the administration of vaccines in the preventive context".

“The DGS has been following the evolution of the epidemiological situation, at a national and international level, which has made it possible to verify that the situation of reduction in the number of cases reported at national level since July 2022 is similar to the constant decline trend described in the EU/EE countries”, he underlined.