As temperatures tip the 40 degree mark, the demand for fans and air conditioning has sky rocketed and according to a report by ECO demand is up by more than 700 percent for fans, compared to the same period last year.

Although last year was “atypical”, given that at that time Portugal “did not face a heat wave like the one it is going through this year”, an official source from Auchan supermarkets revealed that in the last two weeks, sales of this air conditioning equipment recorded “a growth of more than 700%“, compared to the same period in 2021. In these stores, floor and table fans are the items most sought after by customers to face the rise in temperatures, although there has been a “considerable growth in fixed and portable air conditioners”.

Miguel Sousa, regional director of MediaMarkt Portugal, highlights that demand “has increased considerably with the heat wave in the last two weeks”. Between 1 July and 14 July of this year alone, sales of fans in MediaMarkt stores soared by 764.60%, compared to the same period in the previous year, while sales of portable air conditioners rose by 1,141% and those of fixed air conditioners increased by 133.20%.

Rádio Popular also shows “a growth of 500%” in the sales of these air conditioning equipment in the last two weeks, compared to the same of last year, while on the Mainland, sales of fans nearly tripled “both compared to the same period last year and compared to the previous week”. Already an official source from Jerónimo Martins, owner of the Pingo Doce supermarkets, adds that “demand has increased considerably”, with the current heat wave, without giving values.

Despite stressing that “the air conditioning business is naturally influenced by seasonality”, Ricardo Martins, responsible for Samsung Climate Solutions for the Iberian market, points out that there are other factors to take into account when choosing this equipment, namely “the increased comfort and energy efficiency”.

“We believe that the impact of the heat wave is not registered in the same way as in previous years, given the economic situation at European level”, Ricardo Martins told ECO, adding that “the general rise in prices of goods and services requires greater consideration at the time of purchase”. However, the brand adds that it has “had requests for early delivery of equipment by the distribution and retail channel”.

“Out of stock”

With the “race” for air conditioning equipment, retailers are already admitting to running out of stock. “The high demand for these products, especially in recent days, has put a strong pressure on the available stock”, says an official source from Sonae MC, owner of Continente supermarkets, adding that “there may be occasional stock outs in some stores”. From the same group, Worten also admits that “naturally, there will be stock outs” “given the heat peak that is being felt”.

Rádio Popular emphasises that “despite an increase in stock”, if demand remains “at current levels, moments of out of stock may occasionally occur”. The position is also shared by MediaMarkt, as well as by Auchan.