The price of a basket of essential products was 75 cents more expensive, which represents an increase of 0.37% compared to the previous week, reaching 205.54 euros, according to accounts made by the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (Deco). Whole grains, rice, tuna, tomato, spiral pasta, turkey leg and apples were some of the products that increased in price in the last week.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has further accelerated the rise in energy prices and the drought, aggravating the escalation of raw material prices. Since then, the price of a basket of essential goods has increased by 21.91 euros, which represents an increase of 11.94% compared to the value recorded on 23 February, according to the basket monitored by Deco, based on in 63 essential food products, including turkey, chicken, hake, horse mackerel, onions, potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, oranges, rice, spaghetti, sugar, ham, milk, cheese and butter.

After having recorded a decline in the week of July 6th to 13th, the cost of the basket monitored by Deco increased slightly in the last week, having increased by 75 cents, to 205.54 euros, compared to the 204.79 euros estimated on 13th of July.

Biggest price hikes

In the last week, that is, between the 13th and 20th of July, the 10 products that registered the biggest price increases “whole grains (26% more), rice (11% more), tuna in olive oil (more 9%), tomatoes (9% more), spiral pasta (9% more), turkey leg (8% more), frozen peas (6% more), fish fingers (6% more) and the Gala apples (6% more)”.