In a statement released this Monday, the union reveals that the strike is due to a “wage dispute”, as Lufthansa ground workers are demanding salary increases of 9.5%, and will take place between 03:45 (01:45 GMT) on Wednesday, until 06:00 on Thursday (04:00 GMT).

This strike will cover Lufthansa ground workers in various positions, namely maintenance, but also operators of aircraft towing vehicles, essential for the proper functioning of the airport, which leads the union to anticipate that “there will be many cancellations and delays”.

“The situation at airports is deteriorating and employees are increasingly under pressure and overworked due to severe staff shortages, high inflation and the absence of raises for three years,” explains union leader Christine Behle.

The impact of this strike should further exacerbate the chaos that is already being experienced at European airports and which has already led Frankfurt airport, the main German airport and the airline's hub, to cancel around 6,000 flights.

Since the lifting of health restrictions at the beginning of the year, airlines and airports have struggled to respond to the strong increase in demand, after two years of reduced traffic during which the sector lost many employees.

In Germany, it is estimated that more than 7,000 employees are needed in the aviation sector to effectively cover operations, according to a study by the economic institute IW published at the end of June.