It can be difficult to pick a winner right now, but it isn't impossible. There are still great coins that could make a massive difference to a diversified portfolio and help it defy the current bear market.

And while the wider crypto space is still struggling somewhat, so is the rest of the economy. This isn't a crypto problem, it's a global economic problem. And crypto is still the future, so now could be the time to pick up coins at discount prices that many believe they won't hang around at for long.

Can you still make money in cryptocurrency in 2022?

All it takes to outperform the market is a solid coin that has solved a problem in a unique way.

But while much of the economy is still struggling, not every sector is doing poorly. There are still great crypto projects out there. So let's have a look at 3 cryptos that could help you beat the current bear market:

My Freedom Coin (MFC)

My Freedom Coin is a crash-proof platform with three pillars that together make it a must “HODL” for any crypto investor.

Other De-Fi lending platforms have gone belly up due to poor governance, structuring, or under-collateralization.

MFC streamlines a complex process for new investors. The MFC project’s uniqueness comes from its treasury of reserves that hold up a price floor and allow for low-risk investment. This feature alone has added something new to the sector.

Analysts believe My Freedom Coin can compete with other cryptocurrencies because of its floor price, which is kept stable by taking its native token MFC out of circulation to raise its market value.

Proceeds of the MFC platform—loan interest, buyback, transaction fees—are charged in MFC and removed from the circulating supply.

MFC is free to download via its website on iOS and Android. To sign up for the platform, enter the code "CXPMGOSKJT." MFC offers rewards to members who refer other people to the exchange.

Ethereum (ETH)

Despite a 60% drop in value, Ethereum remains one of the strongest cryptocurrencies, and many in the crypto community anticipate a “flippening” at some point in the immediate future. Most decentralized apps, like NFT marketplaces and DeFi, use its blockchain network. This has given the project a protective moat, which might make it hard to dethrone.

According to reports, developers are working on a faster, cheaper version of Ethereum which will be more environmentally friendly, giving it an edge over competitors while maintaining its decentralized nature. And the more benefits a cryptocurrency has, the more likely it will be successful.

Remember that cryptocurrencies are still evolving. Extreme volatility is common in the sector, so a big drop shouldn't cause panic. Even though there are no guarantees in investing, Ethereum is expected to recover.

Polygon (MATIC)

Due to gas fees, layer 2 solutions have also proven to be popular in the last few years, although not immune to the recent bear activity in the crypto sector.

Polygon, formerly the Matic Network, aims to make Ethereum transactions cheaper and faster.

The system uses proof-of-stake checkpoints to allow millions of blockchain transactions. Polygon's side chains are designed to support decentralized finance protocols in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Every month, the developers put out a new token. CoinMarketCap says 8 billion polygon tokens, or 80%, are in circulation. Polygon has burned 650,000 coins since January's mainnet upgrade. A

The numerous applications of the platform make Polygon Coin a favorite among investors. However, prospective investors who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies should educate themselves before making a purchase.