According to data from TML – Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, a company with global information on the various entities where it is possible to request the free pass, as of March there are 15,392 Lisbon residents over 65 years old with the Navegante Urbano 3rd Age pass, so the uptake in the first week after the entry into force of free public transport (5,825 subscriptions) represents 37% of these passengers.

In response to Lusa, TML also mentioned that data from March this year on residents in Lisbon over 65 years old still accounted for 12,135 users with a Navegante +65 pass, 552 with other passes and 46,002 using a card (without a pass).

Since last week, on the 25th of July, Lisbon residents "aged 65 or over" are able to travel free of charge on public transport, while students up to the age of 23 will be able to benefit from the measure "as from September".

For those over 65 years of age, free public transport applies on the Carris, Metropolitano de Lisboa and CP - Comboios de Portugal networks, "where the Navegante Urbano title is valid in the '3rd age' mode".

To have access to the measure, "users will have to be holders of or request a Navegante card [or a Lisboa Viva] with the +65 profile and reside in the municipality of Lisbon", said the council, noting that proof of tax domicile can be obtained from the Finance Portal or in person at a government office counter.