At least five municipalities admit to considering reducing or even partially cutting off the water supply to the population overnight if the drought situation persists. According to Jornal de Notícias, the councils of Manteigas, Mangualde, São Pedro do Sul, Tabuaço and Vale de Cambra will consider this measure if the situation continues.

Mayor of Vale de Cambra, José Pinheiro, told Rádio Observador that although the municipality is not yet at this stage, this is a measure that is being considered and the next 15 days will be decisive in taking action.

“Obviously we are considering it, because we are aware of the dramatic situation that the country is going through. We have verified that the water tables are decreasing considerably, surface waters do not exist and consumption has been maintained”, explains the mayor of Vale de Cambra.

Cutting off the water supply at night, explains José Pinheiro, means “restricting consumption at night and ensuring that the reservoirs can fill during the night so that there is water for the population during the day”.

Also in Mangualde, this is an option under analysis: “Given the scenario we are going through, it is an issue that is always on the table. We are taking all measures to prevent this situation from happening”, stressed mayor, Marco Almeida, adding that the municipality is carrying out an awareness campaign to reduce the daily consumption of water.