In statements made to Lusa, the president of CIVISA, Rui Marques, explained that "one of the parameters monitored - seismicity - is clearly above normal values ​​for the volcanic system".

There are seven levels of volcanic alert, where V0 stands for "resting state" and V6 "eruption in progress", according to the CIVISA website.

According to Rui Marques, the decision to place the Santa Bárbara volcano on scientific alert level V2 follows "an increase in seismic activity that began on June 24 and has persisted".

The president of CIVISA said that "an average of 17 earthquakes per day are being recorded in the Santa Bárbara volcano, during the last five days".

"There is a daily increase in the frequency of earthquakes. However, there is no reason for alarm at this time. People must maintain their daily routine", stressed Rui Marques.

The official stressed that CIVISA "continues to monitor active volcanic systems and, if there is any change, it is immediately communicated to the Regional Civil Protection Service".